Forklift and Equipment Operator Training


In The Nick of Time...

Certified Safety Training

Complete OSHA / WISHA Compliance Program

  • All training is customized to the jobsite location, equipment and site specific needs.
  • Evaluations to take place with your equipment at your "site" will be thorough and complete.
  • Increase efficiency and damage control as operators learn correct handling skills.
  • Flexible: What are your specific needs and how we can make it work!
  • Classroom training is approx. 2-4 hours.
  • Average time for a "full" class of operators is one day.
  • Certification is awarded to those who pass testing.
  • Documentation: All original and complete documents will be provided for your employee files.


Itnot's training programs are competitively priced based on location, number of operators, the necessary training and the service needed.

Legal disclaimer: If you are seeking a quick, incomplete and inexpensive service that will not stand up in a court of law (let alone keeping WISHA off your back), I am unable to help you. I use only the best training materials (Ives compliance package) in North America and conduct a complete training program.